Slovakia Scholarships for International Students, Researchers, and Artists

The Slovakia Scholarships (The National Scholarship Program (NSP)) for International Students are financed by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic from the state budget of the Slovak Republic. The National Scholarship Program of the Slovak Republic encourages international students’ mobility for fellowship stays at higher education institutions and research organizations in Slovakia. It also supports the mobility of PhD students, university lecturers, researchers, and artists.

Host CountrySlovakia
Host InstituteA higher education institution/research organization in Slovakia
LevelMaster students, PhD students, university lecturers, researchers, and artists
Eligible NationalityAll except Slovakia
Fellowship TypeCurrent Students
BenefitsUpto  1 470 EUR/month, Living expenses, Travel Allowance
Duration1 – 10 months
Closing Dates31st October/30 April
Summary of the Slovakia Scholarships

Slovak Republic

Landlocked Slovakia, often known as the Slovak Republic, is located in Central Europe. Slovakians can afford to live there. When compared to countries in Western Europe, the cost of life and education is inexpensive. No tuition is required if the course of study is in Slovak. In Slovakia, the bar for schooling is quite high. There are numerous higher education institutions in Slovakia that provide a huge selection of study programs at all degree levels. Students from several nations can travel to Slovakia for long- or short-term studies as well as for research.

Slovakia Scholarships for International Students
Slovakia Scholarships for International Students

Benefits of Slovakia Scholarships for International Students

The scholarship is designed to support the living expenses of international scholarship recipients while they are studying, conducting research, creating art, or teaching at Slovakian universities and research institutions, including food, lodging, and other living expenses.

The amount of the scholarship as per category is given below:

  • University student of the second level of higher education 620 EUR/month
  • PhD student 1025,50 EUR/month
  • University teacher/researcher/artist:
    • without PhD degree (or its equivalent) and at the same time less than 4 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist: 1025,50 EUR/month
    • with PhD degree (or its equivalent) and at the same time less than 10 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist 1 370 EUR/month
    • with PhD degree (or its equivalent) and at the same time more than 10 years of work experience as a university teacher/researcher/artist 1 470 EUR/month

The recipient of the scholarship may seek their host institution for assistance with housing and other formalities associated with entering and remaining on Slovak Republic territory, or they may take care of all the requirements themselves.

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Students and PhD candidates may also be eligible to receive a travel grant, which is a separate component of the scholarship if they submit an application for it along with their scholarship application. A lump sum travel allowance is given, and it is paid to the scholarship recipient along with the final payment of the scholarship at the end of the recipient’s stay. The amount of the travel allowance is determined by the distance, measured in a straight line, between the applicant’s permanent address, or home institution’s address, and the location of his or her stay in Slovakia, measured by the address of the host institution.

Eligibility Criteria

Citizens of any nation may apply for Slovakia Scholarships to stay in Slovakia through the NSP, with the exception of Slovakian nationals.

A) students who:

  • are university students at universities outside of Slovakia;
  • are master’s students, students in their second level of higher education, or students who, as of the application deadline, have finished at least 2.5 years of university coursework in the same or a similar study program;
  • who will be enrolled in a study program in Slovakia while pursuing their higher education elsewhere and who will be granted academic mobility to study in Slovakia by a public, private, or state higher education institution in Slovakia.

B) PhD students:

  • PhD candidates accepted by a public, private, or state higher education institution or a research institution in Slovakia are eligible to pursue a doctoral study program and for academic mobility to study, conduct research, or engage in artistic endeavors in Slovakia. Examples of such institutions include the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

International university teachers, researchers, and artists:

  • International university professors, researchers, and artists have been asked to spend time teaching, conducting research, or performing art in Slovakia by a body with a Slovakian office and a current certificate of eligibility to conduct research and development.

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Documents/Material Required to Apply

The following documents are required to apply for the Slovakia Scholarships for International Students:

  • curriculum vitae;
  • motivation letter;
  • detailed study program
  • two recommendation letters issued by the applicant’s university teachers
  • confirmation that the applicant is enrolled as a regular student in the relevant higher education institution at the time of application, as issued by the applicant’s home higher education institution.
  • admission/invitation letter issued by the applicant’s host higher education institution/research organization in Slovakia indicating the period of stay.
  • list of publications/artistic activities in the required form (if applicable)


There are two deadlines each year:

  • 30 April at 16.00 CET
  • 31 October at 16.00 CET

The next deadline to apply for Slovakia Scholarships for International Students is October 31st 2024 at 16:00 CET. Online applications for scholarships can be made at The online application process opens at least six weeks before the deadline for submissions.

Application Procedure

On the website, applicants can submit online scholarship applications for Slovakia Scholarships. The online application system is made available at least six weeks before the application deadline. Only if the online application system is already open may applications be submitted.

Only Slovak or English may be used to fill out applications and the necessary attachments. The application must include both the original documents and an official translation into either Slovak or English.

For more details about Slovakia Scholarships for International Students, visit here.

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