DAAD Scholarship Online Application Process

If you want to study in Germany then read this article. DAAD Scholarship. Because in this article, we will explain in detail what DAAD scholarship is, its benefits and step-by-step application process.

DAAD Scholarship

DAAD is the perfect scholarship for international students. This course is for master’s or doctoral studies at a German university. DAAD SCHOLARSHIP. DAAD covers a monthly salary of 861 euros for graduates or 1,200 euros for doctoral students. Well-trained professionals, partners and international partners, play an important role in the development of their communities. They are the best promise for a better future with less poverty, education and health for all.  DAAD SCHOLARSHIP Through its postgraduate study program based on its development, DAAD promotes the training of professionals from both developed and developed countries. Also see this UK GREAT Scholarships 2022-2023 For International Students

The scholarships offer graduates from developing countries and newly developed countries of all educational backgrounds the opportunity to pursue postgraduate or postgraduate degrees at a German university of a state or state accepted by, n ‘ special conditions, pursuing a doctorate degree and obtaining a university degree (Master / PhD) in Germany.

Details of DAAD Scholarship

  1. Level of Study: Doctoral (PhD) / Masters
  2. Study in: Germany
  3. Institution: DAAD
  4. Courses Offered:
    1. Economic Sciences, Law
    2. Art, Design
    3. Agricultural and Forest Sciences
    4. Engineering and Natural Sciences
    5. Language and Cultural Studies
    6. Mathematics, Natural Sciences
    7. Humanities and Social Sciences
    8. Medicine, Health Sciences
    9. You can also see the complete list of available Postgraduate Courses.
  5. DAAD Scholarship Deadline: Depending on chosen study program; please check deadlines here.
  6. Program Period: Between 12 and 36 months depending on the length of the chosen study program.

Benifits of DAAD Scholarship

  1. DAAD Scholarship for Masters and PhD Germany provide the recipient with following benefits:
  2. Depending on the level of education, a monthly stipend of 861 euros for graduates or 1,200 euros for doctoral students.
  3. Travel expenses, at least in the country of birth or elsewhere, cover these costs
  4. Pay for health insurance, accidents and compensation. Group tuition.

Eligibility Criteria for DAAD Scholarship

To qualify for the DAAD Scholarship for Masters and PhD in Germany, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Required languages: English or German.
  2. For international programs, the language of instruction is English. It is usually necessary to provide an English language certificate, eg. TOEFL or IELTS.
  3. For other programs, the language of instruction is German. Usually you have to present a German language certificate, eg. DSH or Test DAF.
  4. Eligible Countries: Click here for list of eligible developing countries.
  5. Applicants have a bachelor’s degree (usually a four-year course) or a master’s degree in an appropriate subject. Candidates have at least two years of professional experience.
  6. Applicants can demonstrate that their motivation is development-related and that they are required to take social responsibility and initiate and support change processes in their personal and professional environment after their training / scholarship.

How to Apply for DAAD Scholarship?

To apply for DAAD Scholarship 2023 for Masters and PhD in Germany please follow the following step by step application procedure:

Can I apply for more courses with the DAAD scholarship?

You can request up to three courses. If you are applying for more than one course, please list the courses in order of priority on the DAAD application form (see 7. Selecting Host University/Institute in Germany) and do not change the preferences on the relevant application form!

Required Documents for DAAD Scholarship:

  • Signed DAAD application form with current date
  • CV signed personally (use the sample Europass form at http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/) with current date.
  • Motivational letter signed personally (with reference to current occupation and choice of degree course (s), maximum two pages) with current date.
  • IMPORTANT: When applying for more than one postgraduate course (maximum 3 courses), you must send a letter of motivation explaining why you are applying for these specific courses and why you have chosen that priority.
  • Letter of recommendation from your current employer; the letter must be on official letterhead, signature and stamp and must be updated (not in a sealed envelope).
  • Employer’s employment certificates showing a minimum of two years of relevant work experience (after graduation) at the time of application and, if possible, a relocation guarantee from the employer present upon return home.
  • Language skills test: English – IELTS or TOEFL (Note: institutional TOEFL is not accepted)
  • German: compulsory for courses taught in German. Copies of academic qualifications (sworn translation if necessary) Copies of academic records, incl. rating scale (sworn translation if necessary) Applicants from the People’s Republic of China must submit an APS certificate with application documents.


To know more about DAAD Scholarship for Masters and PhD Germany, please visit official website:

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