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What are IU Germany Fully Funded Scholarships?

Submit an online application for the IU Germany Fully Funded Scholarships. Here in this article, we will tell you how it is fully funded. This will save you 80% of the cost. And you will get an accredited certificate from a top German University, IU. IU stands for International University.

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-recognized University of Applied Sciences based in Erfurt, Germany. Do you know that online learning (Distance Learning) is now more in Trend? Because due to the Global Recession, Expensive Flights, Tuition Fees, and Accommodation expenses, students can’t afford all of these expenses.

But with IU Germany University. With savings of at least 70 percent and eliminating additional costs for accommodation, commuting, and other university-related expenses, online learning is the more cost-effective choice. This is one of the best universities offering online or on-campus scholarships. So, the flexibility of online learning allows you to experiment and find your approach to learning.

IU’s online learning program allows you to choose between time and learning models and choose the model that fits your needs. They offer the largest portfolio of online bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA programs with over 50 accredited courses taught in English.

All of these courses provide real-world case study-based training and help you acquire skills and knowledge relevant to today’s job market. While studying and working in Germany, IU University graduates earn 45,000 euros.


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  • Scholarship Country: Germany
  • University: IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • Degree Level: Bachelor, Masters, MBA

Benefits & Key Points

  • IU is proud to receive a 5-star rating for online education from QS.
  • We offer 94% of our diplomas online.
  • Quality online education and comprehensive service and student support.
  • IU allows you to study when and where you want while providing full support when needed.


Did you know that IU offers academic training? They have a team of experienced and qualified instructors who will guide you in organizing and planning your studies.
IU is the only university to have received the Service Award 2022 from the German Society for Consumer Studies (DtGV), recognizing its excellence as an education provider with a digital learning platform, dedicated academic staff, and qualified study instructors.

IU Scholarship Benefits

96% of students recommend IU. Additionally, 94% of IU graduates find employment within the first three months of graduation, and after an average of two years, 80% complete management roles. 90% of IU graduates earn a Ph.D. within the first three years, with average salaries increasing by 10% annually. Discover online learning at IU! Register now for a 4-week free trial and up to an 80% tuition discount!

How to Apply

If you like the description above and if you need more information. You can always contact IU Germany. Flexible Path to Success: Make IU’s study models and programs work for you.

To Apply: Please Visit Here