Metro Internship | Metro Cash & Carry Internship Program

Metro Cash & Carry offers Metro internships, graduate programs, internship programs, working students, and international training programs. Metro Cash & Carry is one of the largest wholesalers and supermarkets in the world. You can benefit more than 16 million customers in 34 countries. International applicants can apply for METRO training, graduate programs, professional training, and student programs in any country or country where METRO operates.
This is a paid training program. All applicants will be paid. Join Metro and be a part of the continued success in the lucrative wholesale sector. METRO has more than 680 stores in 34 countries. It is open to undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni from all over the world. An internship at METRO can mean much more than just entering the world of work. A true commitment to the job means a true learning experience to engage in as you launch your career.


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To apply for a METRO internship opportunity, visit the METRO website for your country. The “METRO International Graduate Program” is the best choice if you want to work abroad. METRO supports your growth, happiness, and success. Whether you are a student, a graduate, or a young professional, everyone can find their career path at METRO. Learn more about the Metro Cash & Carry internship program below.

Metro Internship Details

  1. Graduate Programmes (University Students)
  2. Apprenticeship (Professional Career)
  3. Working Student (Early Career)
  4. Internship (University Students)

1. Graduate Programmes (University Students)

Just graduated? Want to get off to a good start in METRO? Are you looking for a management internship program? Do you want to work internationally on an exciting project?

Being a graduate prepares you for challenging tasks, allowing you to progress and take advantage of new opportunities.

Who Can Apply?

Show your potential and be part of our international postgraduate program. METRO POTENTIALS is a program specifically designed for future college and university graduates. Tailored to our international graduates, we offer challenging assignments with great development opportunities that don’t end after you complete the program.

Learn more at

2. Apprenticeship (Professional Career)

If you’re ready to put your knowledge into practice, Check our Local Webpages and apply for an internship in your country.

3. Working Student (Early Career)

Why not take an active role in the community and develop ideas while studying? We offer flexible side jobs for motivated students. If you are still a student and want to gain work experience, you can apply as a working student or trainee. Check our Local Webpages and apply for an internship in your country.

4. Internship

Would you like to gain practical experience? That’s the charm of internships in Metro. Join us as an intern. Over several months, you’ll gain insight into our company, contribute your ideas to influence what we do, and learn how to grow with us. Metro offers many opportunities for students who want to gain experience in the wholesale business.

An internship at METRO can mean so much more than a simple introduction to the working world. Check our Local Webpages and apply for an internship in your country.

How to Apply