USAID Internships

USAID Internships

Applying for a USAID Internship is a great pleasure and moment. The USAID Summer Internship has been an outstanding program for many years. Student internships and recent graduate programs by USAID. This internship opportunity is open to all students (undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D.).

USAID offers paid and unpaid internship and fellowship opportunities for qualified, talented students and recent graduates. USAID offers on-site training and virtual training opportunities. Both pieces of training are paid. The United States Agency for International Development is an international development organization in the United States, independent of the United States federal government. Interns and fellows will work in any of the USAID offices. Interns with USAID will enhance your academic resume. Available in different regions.


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Interns and fellows usually work in Washington, DC, or one of the USAID offices in the country where USAID operates.

Internship applications start in July and end in July.

Support program efforts in economic development, agriculture, education, health, environment, democracy and governance, conflict prevention, and humanitarian aid.

Internships and scholarships provide students with the opportunity to explore a federal career and gain valuable work experience.

Type of Work to do as an Internship:

Jobs assigned to internships or fellows vary in complexity depending on their educational experience, including:
  • Research.
  • Write a program note.
  • Promote document drafting meetings and special events.
  • Participate in program discussions at government agencies, the Department of State, or Capitol Hill. Communicate with overseas USAID field missions and many USAID stakeholders and the general public about program issues.
  • Participate in employee engagement and consultation events.

USAID Paid Internship Opportunities:

1. Internship Program:

This program is designed to provide opportunities for students enrolled in a variety of educational institutions, from high school students to university graduate students, to work at the institution, explore federal jobs, and be rewarded for the work they do.

Internships provide students with valuable hands-on experience while working in temporary positions that do not translate into full-time positions.

2. Virtual Student Internships

USAID has partnered with the State Department to provide virtual internship opportunities for students regardless of geographic location.

The student’s virtual internship program includes:

May: Coaches do internships.

July: Apply for Internship August:

Instructors select students for internships.

September: Internship begins

How to Apply:

  • Submit your online applications before the deadline. The Internship deadline typically ends by the end of July every year.
  • Explore all the open USAID Internships at