Highly Funded Heinrich Böll Scholarship in Germany for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctoral Students

Heinrich Böll Scholarship is offered to some 1500 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students of various disciplines and nationalities who are enrolled in universities, universities of applied sciences (also known as “Fachhochschulen”), or universities of the arts are awarded scholarships by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Host CountryGermany
Host InstituteGerman Universities
Eligible AreasAll
Scholarship Value€1350,- per month basic scholarship
plus €100 per month in research costs allowance
No. of Scholarship1650/year
Scholarship DeadlinesMarch 1 and September 1
Summary of Heinrich Böll Scholarship
Highly Funded Heinrich Böll Scholarship in Germany
Highly Funded Heinrich Böll Scholarship in Germany

Who can Apply for the Heinrich Böll Scholarship

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PhD Students and Candidates

According to the regulations set forth by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) of Germany, the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Scholarship Department provides financial aid to German and international PhD candidates.

Doctoral students in Germany:

  • Doctoral candidates from Germany: Doctoral candidates from Germany (Germans and foreign people); all compartments.
  • Doctoral students from Germany: (Germans and non-Germans) for the research cluster “Transformation Research”; all sections

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Doctoral students abroad:

  • International doctoral candidates for PhD studies in Germany (all fields, all countries) (EU, outside EU), refugees
  • International PhD candidates for the “Transformation Research” research cluster (all fields, all nations)

Bachelor and Master Students and Candidates

Students from Germany:

  • German undergraduate students (including German citizens and international nationals); applications may be filed before the first semester but not later than the fourth semester.
  • Students from Germany (Germans and foreign nationals) enrolled in their first year of the “Media Diversity, Different” study scholarship program (journalism or specialized courses); Application is possible before the first semester and through the third semester, including

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Refugees who desire to begin or continue their education in Germany for their first degree or master’s degree (or diploma or state examination course; independent of the number of semesters); every subject; every university.

International students

International students enrolled in the main diploma/state examination or the master’s program in Germany; For Master’s/main studies, applications are accepted up until the first semester (a certificate of enrolment must be on hand at the time of application); all subjects; all universities.

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The selection procedure, stages, and criteria

The following are the main standards for evaluating written applications and moving on to the next phase of the process:

  • An excellent academic record in both high school and college
  • A compelling research project (exposé, original research question, realistic timeline, advanced state of preliminary work)
  • Political and social interest;
  • Persuasive justifications for applying to the Heinrich Böll Foundation

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Heinrich Böll Scholarship Documents Required

The following documents must be uploaded to the web portal as a full set of Heinrich Böll Scholarship applications in pdf format:

  • Personal information and resume
  • The reason you’re submitting an application to the Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • A description of your political and social interests.
  • Your PhD thesis project’s outline, among other things.
  • University entrance qualification or equivalent
  • A copy of your baccalaureate diploma or other university entrance requirement.
  • If necessary, a professional translator’s translation into German or English. If you have already started your studies, a list of your current study certificates (a printout provided by the university’s examinations office).
  • For international candidates seeking scholarships to pursue a master’s degree: a certified copy of your first-year diploma.
  • For international applicants: written confirmation of linguistic proficiency in German
  • A third-party reference on your social commitment (1-2 pages)
  • The work samples.


The Heinrich Böll Scholarship application process is conducted twice a year. The deadlines for applications are March 1 and September 1. Note that only applications submitted online are accepted. About six weeks before the application deadline, the application portal will be made available.

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Heinrich Böll Scholarship Application Process

Heinrich Böll Scholarship application opens twice a year. For the fall, the application portal will open in July. Only online applications are accepted.

  1. Verify that you are eligible to apply before the next deadline and that you meet the formal requirements.
  2. Compile details about the application procedure and the required papers
  3. Sign up for the online submission site
  4. Fill out the Online Application Portal with the necessary data.
  5. Before the application deadline expires, submit your application after uploading all of your supporting documents.

Apply for Heinrich Böll Scholarship

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