Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto’s Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program(PPFP) provides funding to graduate faculty to increase opportunities for hiring postdoctoral fellows from underrepresented groups, specifically Indigenous and Black researchers. These fellowships will enable postdoctoral researchers to develop their scientific profiles, conduct academic work at the University of Toronto and strengthen the research environment at the University with diverse perspectives.

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This funding is designed to help the University compete with peer institutions for top-level candidates and support the University in meeting its institutional goal of promoting increased diversity and representation at all teaching, learning, and research levels. Nominees must be nominated by their prospective Faculties/Divisions according to the timeline and processes outlined below. While the nomination/application process typically begins with faculty advisors/mentors, funding for successful nominations will be provided to the appropriate faculty research department for administration.

Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at University of Toronto
Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the University of Toronto

Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program Benefits and Duration

The Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is available to engage seven postdoctoral fellows per year. Each award will provide faculty $70,000 annually to support up to two years of postdoctoral salary and benefits. This level of funding exceeds the median postdoctoral salary at the University of Toronto and is in line with the most prestigious postdoctoral awards in Canada.

The stipend can be used to fund both the postdoctoral fellow’s gross salary and the employer’s costs or just the gross salary, in which case the faculty/unit/department would be responsible for covering the employer’s additional costs. Units/departments have the opportunity and are encouraged to increase salary support from various sources, including the operating budget and faculty advisor funds such as research grants, other awards, etc. Successful postdocs will also receive a starting stipend fund of $5,000 annually, funded through the Faculty research office or faculty advisor.

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The award is open to both domestic and international candidates.

Nominees must:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence and a high potential for success in selected fields;
  • Identify as Indigenous to Turtle Island and/or Black;
  • Obtain a doctoral degree at the time of commencement of the fellowship and usually within the last five years of commencement of the fellowship; and
  • I had not previously held a Provost postdoctoral fellowship.

Recipients must:

  • Start the scholarship by January 2024 after the competition;
  • Be a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto;
  • Be associated with a supervisor appointed to a graduate unit;
  • Register and remain registered with the Postdoctoral Office at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS);
  • Not have another significant scholarship at the same time;
  • not hold a faculty position or be on leave from such a position;
  • Create an IDP (Independent Development Plan) and submit it to SGS within the first three months of the fellowship. The IDP should be revised annually, and a corrected copy should be sent to the SGS Postdoctoral Office; and
  • Submit proof of completion of the study stay no later than three months from the start of the internship if, at the time of nomination, he did not meet all the requirements for the award of the degree.

At the University of Toronto, we strive to be a just and inclusive community, rich in diversity, protecting the human rights of all persons and based on understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each person. We strive to ensure that all students and staff can participate at their own discretion in the full range of activities offered by the University and reach their full potential as members of the University community.

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Selection Criteria for PPFP

Nominations received by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria. Nominees, supervisors, graduate units/departments, and faculties are encouraged to consider the following criteria when developing their applications and selecting candidates to be forwarded:

In selecting Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellows, preference will be given to candidates who have not yet completed a postdoctoral fellowship. In addition, the School of Graduate Studies will strive to balance the diversity of candidates and the distribution of postdocs across academic divisions to ensure that the goals and objectives of the program are met.

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Dead Lines

Note: Winter 2023 (closed) *The PPFP competition’s next round will take place in 2024 with a similar set of deadlines. *

FacultyFaculty deadline for PPFP applications
Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship ProgramTBC
Architecture, Landscape, and Design – DanielsMarch 15th, 2023
Arts and ScienceMarch 15th, 2023, by 8 pm
DentistryMarch 13th, 2023
Kinesiology and Physical EducationMarch 15th, 2023
ManagementFor the deadline date, contact Faculty Administrator
MedicineMarch 1st, 2023
Mississauga (UTM)March 3rd, 2023

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The Application Process for PPFP

Applicants must be nominated by their faculty (e.g., Faculty of Arts and Sciences) to SGS. Faculty research centers are requested to set and communicate their internal application deadline and selection process before submitting nominations to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Prospective candidates interested in the Provost Postdoctoral Study Program should contact the nominating supervisor. Supervisors wishing to support a candidate’s application must contact their Graduate Unit/Department Chair and Associate Faculty Research Unit to inquire about the internal term and faculty nomination process. Please see the table below for contact information for the Faculty’s Research Department.

Each faculty research office is invited to nominate their top three (3) candidates in each category of self-identification to the School of Graduate Studies to by the SGS deadline.

Please submit a list of all candidates considered (using the SGS submission table) and a complete nomination packet for each candidate considered. Use the file naming convention “Last Name, First Name_PPFP2023” for nomination packages.

More Details

Required Documents for Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The nomination packet for each nominee should be scanned as a single PDF file containing all application materials in the order below:

  • Nomination letter from the head of the workplace/department (max. two pages).
  • Statement of the supervisor/faculty mentor (max. two pages).
  • A research or scholarship proposal from the nominee (two pages maximum plus up to two additional pages for references/citations);
  • Nominee’s training statement (max. 1 page). The statement should describe their professional, academic, and extracurricular experiences/accomplishments.
  • Candidate CV (no page restriction); and
  • The nominee wrote a short personal biography (max. 1/3 page) to be used on the SGS Postdoctoral Fellows website or in other communications if they are successfully selected as a Postdoctoral Fellow Provost.

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Result of Provost Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The competition results will be available and communicated to the faculty research workplace in May 2023.

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