Internships and Vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in Saudi Arabia

Internships and Vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) are open to students and people who are extremely motivated and feel they possess the skills, knowledge, and momentum to work well as a team. IsDB believes in providing its employees with opportunities and is open to hiring individuals from both member and non-member nations.

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) group is a renowned Islamic development organization supported by 56 member nations from all over the world. Situated in the Center of Islamic Civilization in Jeddah, a city on the Red Sea’s varied shoreline that is also halfway between Makkah and Medinah, is where the IsDB’s headquarters are situated. By supporting social and economic development in Member nations and Muslim communities around the world, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) works to enhance the lives of the people it serves and has a significant influence.

Host CountryVarious
Host InstituteIslamic Development Bank (IsDB)
LevelBachelor’s or Master’s Students and Young Professionals
Eligible NationalitySaudi/International
Closing DateVarious
Summary of the Internships and Vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

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Internships and Vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)
Internships and Vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)

Why IsDB

By becoming a member of IsDB, you will help us achieve our purpose to advance holistic human development, with a focus on the top priorities of eradicating poverty, enhancing health, advancing education, enhancing governance, and enhancing the well-being of the populace. You should join IsDB because:

  • Located at the heart of Islamic civilization (between Makkah and Madina)
  • Islamic financial model
  • Opportunity to learn about Islamic finance
  • Career development for effective service delivery
  • Understanding the development needs of member countries
  • Knowledge and innovation
  • Contribute towards poverty alleviation and promoting a healthy society
  • Projects that directly make an impact on the lives of the people
  • Building solidarity among member countries by sharing knowledge and expertise
  • Family-oriented programs for the benefit of staff

Internships and Vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank

The IsDB is open to employing people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplinary expertise because it pursues a variety of projects and programs to finance development. Without hesitation, apply for opportunities that align with your professional objectives.

Vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank

IsDB seeks out highly competitive personnel and rewards it with very competitive remuneration compared to other international development banks. A number of vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank are open to candidates from member and nonmember countries.

Eligibility and Criteria

The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has a number of job openings, and prospective employees must normally meet certain qualifications in order to apply. Here are some typical qualifications that candidates would need to meet, though specifics will depend on the position:

Education requirements: Applicants should possess the degrees and training essential for the post they are seeking. The job posting will specify the precise educational qualifications.

Work Experience: A specific number of years of relevant work experience is necessary for several IsDB positions. Candidates should have relevant work experience in the field of the position.

Skills and Competencies: Candidates should be in possession of the skills and abilities necessary for the particular position. Technical expertise, language fluency, computer skills, and other abilities unique to a given employment might all fall under this category.

Nationality and Membership: Specific nationality or membership requirements may apply to some posts. For instance, certain positions might only be available to residents of OIC member nations or those from particular geographic areas. While others may be open to international candidates.

Language Proficiency: Knowledge in Arabic, French, or other languages may be advantageous depending on the nature of the work and the countries covered. Proficiency in English is frequently a prerequisite.

IsDB Internship Program

The IsDB Internship Program offers a variety of chances to learn more about Islamic Finance and Development. The IsDB Regional Hub Indonesia office will be home to the chosen applicants, who come from a variety of academic backgrounds, where they can further their education through assignments in real-world businesses.

Benefits of the IsDB Internship Program

The IsDB Internship is designed to give college, university, and other academic institution students the chance to participate in an active learning environment and get real-world experience to supplement their academic learning.


An internship is a learning experience offered to full-time undergraduate and graduate students for up to three (three) months. Candidates from around the world can apply for the IsDB Internship Program who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Both domestic and international applicants may apply to the program.
  • Have a full-time enrollment status in a Bachelor’s or Master’s program at an approved college or university.
  • A Minimum grade average:
    • B+ according to the American academic system or 3 out of 4 grades.
    • Good according to the Arabic education system.
    • Lower Second Class Honours according to the British system.
    • Assez Bien according to the French system.
  • Have an official request from the university/college specifying the need for internship/Co-Op and endorsed by the university registrar/ graduate council.
  • Possess solid verbal and written English language proficiency.
  • Haven’t done an internship/Co-Op experience before at IsDB or one of its affiliates.

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Application Procedure

The IsDB’s online application system or the designated application portal must be used to submit applications by interested candidates. Typically, applicants must register for an account on the IsDB website and fill out an online application. Depending on the position and degree of the employment, exact procedures could change.

  • First, find out the position suitable for you on the official website
  • Click on “Read More” criteria, and specific information
  • If you find yourself eligible, click on “Apply for this Vacancy”
  • Follow the instructions to apply for the specific post.

Please register your resume here and apply for any potential future openings if you were unable to find the position you were looking for.

To explore available vacancies at the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), visit here or go to Apply for IsDB Internship Program here.

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