Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students

Every year hundreds of Chinese universities offer Chinese Government Scholarships to international students. China consistently ranks among the world’s leading universities in higher education. Many students from these universities have graduated and are making steady progress in various industries across the globe. The country also boasts some of the best universities in the world.

Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students
Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students

China Scholarship Council / Chinese Government Scholarships

China Scholarship Council (CSC) also known as Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS) awards scholarships at its various affiliated universities exclusively to international students. Those interested in the scholarship can apply for the CSC scholarship between December and April, according to the last dates determined by the respective university.

Students can apply for CSC Scholarships online and carefully monitor the different due dates for each university and get a chance to study at one of the best universities in the world – at a very low cost!

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Beijing Government Scholarships

Beijing Government Scholarships are available to undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students who want to study or currently studying in Beijing. Scholarships are offered to non-Chinese students.

Scholarships are available in the following categories:

  • Outstanding foreign students who study at universities in Beijing. The duration of the scholarship is not longer than 4 academic years.
  • Chinese language students and senior scholars. The duration of the scholarship is not longer than 1 academic year.
  • Common Scholars. The duration of the scholarship is not longer than 1 academic year.
  • Exchange students and students with special allowances. The duration of the scholarship is not longer than 1 academic year.

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Chengdu Government / Chengdu University Multiple Scholarships for Students and Teachers

The Chengdu Government / Chengdu University Scholarships are available to national and international students applying to Chengdu University for undergraduate and postgraduate programs and for International Chinese Teachers. The scholarships may offer a stipend (10,000 RBM to 30,000 RBM) and/or a tuition fee waiver.

Note: Chengdu Government scholarships are also available to other Chengdu universities.

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Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students

In order to build a science and technology innovation center with global influence, promote international cooperation and communication, and attract outstanding potential foreign students to study in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government has established the “Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students”.

An applicant applying for undergraduate programs should have obtained a high school diploma or higher and should not be older than 25 years of age; for master’s programs, the applicant should have a bachelor’s degree or higher and should not be more than 35 years old; for doctoral programs, the applicant should have a master’s degree or higher with academic research potential and should not be older than 40 years old.

 Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students

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Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

In order to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese people and people from the rest of the world, the Chongqing Municipal Government offers a number of scholarship programs to sponsor international students and scholars to study and research in higher education institutions in Chongqing. Scholarships are available for the Chinese language course, Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. programs.

Chongqing Municipal Government Mayor Scholarship

Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship

The Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship is available to all applicants for bachelor, master, and doctoral programs applying to universities in Anhui Province, as well as those students who are already studying in universities in Anhui Province. Those who have been awarded any type of Chinese scholarship program are not eligible for the Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship.

Anhui Provincial Government Scholarship

Nanjing Government Scholarship for Overseas Students

The Nanjing Municipal Government established this scholarship in 2013 to attract and encourage more outstanding foreign students to study and do scientific research at Nanjing universities. The following candidates can apply:

  • Non-Chinese citizens who are physically and mentally healthy and friendly to China.
  • Undergraduate students aged 28 or under; Master’s candidates under 35 years of age; and Ph.D. candidates under 40 years of age.
  • Applicants, who are not awarded any other scholarship by Chinese government departments or agencies.

Nanjing Government Scholarship

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