TDTU Graduate Scholarships for International Students in Vietnam

TDTU Graduate Scholarships are more than financial help; they’re doors to possibilities that can change your life in and out of the classroom. You can read this blog to learn about the different kinds of scholarships that are available, the requirements to be eligible, how to apply, and the advantages of attending TDTU.

Host CountryVietnam
Host InstituteTon Duc Thang University (TDTU)
Eligible NationalityInternational
Scholarship TypeFull/Partial
BenefitsTuition fee+Accomodation
Closing DatesMay 15, November 15
Summary of the TDTU Graduate Scholarships for International Students in Vietnam

Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU)

Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU), located in the vibrant Vietnamese city of Ho Chi Minh, is a representation of excellence and innovation in higher learning. TDTU was established in 1997 and has since developed to become one of Vietnam’s leading universities. It is well-known for its commitment to providing excellent instruction and fostering a dynamic research environment. TDTU offers a unique blend of traditional Vietnamese values with a modern, internationally-focused education. It also has a varied student body and a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. The university should be given consideration by students who wish to improve their knowledge, skills, and careers because of its state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated faculty, and solid industry partnerships.

TDTU Graduate Scholarships for International Students in Vietnam
TDTU Graduate Scholarships for International Students in Vietnam

TDTU Graduate Scholarships for International

A range of scholarships are available from Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) to help overseas graduate students meet their learning and research objectives. The goal of these scholarships is to lessen the financial burden of a college education while giving students the tools they need to be successful.

Types and Benefits of TDTU Graduate Scholarships

International graduate students are eligible for the following TDTU Graduate Scholarships:

TDTU Full Scholarships

Full scholarships at TDTU may provide a monthly stipend in addition to paying for tuition in full. These prizes are meant for exceptional students who have demonstrated their academic worth and have the potential to advance their fields of study in the future significantly. Sufficient funds for both tuition and stipend, but full scholarships can also pay for living expenses and health insurance, freeing students from financial worries so they can focus on their studies.

TDTU Full Scholarships support 100% full tuition fee + full accommodation fee.

Partial Scholarships

Partial scholarships cover a sizable portion of the cost of tuition; they often vary from 50% to 75%. The greatest candidates for these scholarships are those with strong academic records who do not meet the standards for full scholarships. Partial scholarships help more talented people achieve their educational goals by lowering the expense of higher education.

Partial Scholarships offer 50% of the tuition fee and 50% of the accommodation fees.

Research Scholarship

The quality and importance of the student’s research articles determine the recipient of the TDTU research scholarship. This award is meant to encourage and assist students who actively engage in research that advances knowledge in their field and benefits the academic community. The length and breadth of the research scholarship are determined by the research papers’ importance and alignment with TDTU’s research aims.

Research Scholarship funds according to publications for TDTU.

Eligibility Criteria

Admission Offer Requirement

Obtaining an admission offer for a Master’s or PhD program at Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) is a prerequisite for applying for any of the graduate scholarships offered by the university. This prerequisite guarantees that recipients of scholarships are dedicated to continuing their postgraduate education at TDTU and have fulfilled the academic requirements of the university.

Academic Excellence

For TDTU graduate scholarships, academic standing is a crucial factor. Candidates should have a solid academic background from their prior coursework. High scores, pertinent coursework, and accomplishments in their respective industries are examples of this. A proven capacity for research and knowledge contribution to academia is highly recognized for research-based programs.

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Documents/Material Required to Apply

You will need to include supporting documentation that attests to your academic standing, English language ability, and extracurricular activities in addition to the application form. Usually, these documents consist of:

  • Transcripts of studies from previous colleges.
  • Recommendation letters from professors or employers.
  • A mission statement detailing your educational objectives and motivations for applying to TDTU.
  • Verification of fluency in English through results from standardized tests.


To be considered for the TDTU graduate scholarships, it is crucial to adhere to the application deadlines. Candidates must submit their scholarship applications by the following dates:

For the Fall Semester

Applications must be submitted no later than May 15 each year. This ensures that applicants have ample time to secure their admission offer, prepare their scholarship application materials, and meet all required deadlines.

For the Spring Semester

Applications must be submitted no later than November 15 each year. This allows sufficient time for the review process and ensures that successful candidates can begin their studies in the upcoming semester.

Meeting these deadlines is essential for a smooth application process and increases your chances of receiving a scholarship. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar and start preparing your application materials well in advance.

Application Procedure

Candidates for TDTU graduate scholarships should complete the online application and attach any supporting documentation. They can then deliver the supporting documentation electronically to or in person to the following address:

SGS, or the School of Graduate Studies, Ton Duc Thang University; 19 Nguyen Huu Tho Str., Tan Phong Ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City, 756636, Vietnam;

For more details about TDTU graduate scholarships, visit the official website or Apply Online here.

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