Coursera Free Online Courses in Multiple Fields

More than 2500 Coursera free online courses are available in various fields. Coursera provides a huge selection of totally free online classes on a variety of topics, including business, social sciences, health, and computer science. Professors from prestigious colleges and institutes across the globe are responsible for instructing these courses.

Thousands of Coursera Free Online Courses
Thousands of Coursera Free Online Courses

You can visit the Coursera website and look through the course catalog to get the free courses. You can search by subject area or use the search bar to find courses that are pertinent to your interests.

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Once you have located a course that interests you, you can sign up for it without cost. However, if you want a certificate or access to other features, certain courses could demand money.


The massive open online course provider Coursera Inc. was established in the United States in 2012 by computer science academics Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University. Coursera offers online courses, certificates, and degrees in a range of areas in collaboration with universities and other organizations. About 150 colleges were thought to be providing more than 4,000 courses through Coursera in 2021.

Strategic partners of Coursera

The total number of partners across 29 countries as of December 2019 is above 200. Although it also works with businesses and governments, Coursera primarily partners with universities and colleges. University partners include the University of São Paulo in Brazil, the Indian School of Business in India, the University of London in the UK, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale Institute, the University of Illinois, and Yonsei University in South Korea. Google introduced a certification programme for professionals. All of Google’s certifications will be regarded as being comparable to a four-year college degree.

Coursera Top 5 Courses

Coursera offers education to kids everywhere, irrespective of their socioeconomic status, race, or geography. Students can pick up a variety of skills in marketing, data science, writing, and many other fields. Individual courses, certificate programmes, and specialisations are all available for these courses. Industry experts or a renowned university partner teach each course.

The top five most popular courses on Coursera, according to the “Coursera Impact Report 2020,” were contact tracing, digital marketing, project management, Python programming, and social psychology.

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Coursera Free Online Courses

A typical Coursera course lasts four to twelve weeks and consists of one to two hours of weekly video lectures. Quizzes, exercises every week, assignments that are peer-graded and evaluated, an optional Honours assignment, and occasionally a final project or test are all provided in these courses. Additionally, users can take their time finishing courses that are offered on-demand because all of the course materials are made available at once. Coursera provided 104 on-demand courses as of May 2015. Additionally, they offer small, 2-3 hour guided tasks that students can complete at home.

The Universities of British Columbia Free Online Courses (Canada)

The University of Oxford Free Online Courses

Some of the categories of Coursera Free Online Courses are as under:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Health
  • Information Technology
  • Language Learning
  • Math and Logic
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Science and Engineering
  • Social Sciences

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Free online Courses from the University of California, Berkeley

Here are some of Coursera free online courses:

  • Indigenous Canada: University of Alberta
  • The Science of Well-Being: Yale University
  • Financial Markets: Yale University
  • Introduction to Statistics: Stanford University
  • Introduction to Psychology: Yale University
  • Writing in the Sciences: Stanford University
  • Stanford Introduction to Food and Health
  • Business Analytics with Excel: John Hopkins University
  • Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies: Bocconi University
  • Game Theory: Stanford University
  • Child Nutrition and Cooking: Stanford University
  • The Strategy of Content Marketing: University of California
  • Medical Neuroscience: Duke University
  • Data Management for Clinical Research: Vanderbilt University
  • Cryptography: Stanford University
  • Introduction to Cybersecurity Foundations: Infosec
  • International Women’s Health and Human Rights: Stanford University
  • Narrative Economics: Yale University
  • Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination: West Virginia University
  • and thousands of other Coursera free online courses.

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How to Apply for Coursera Free Online Courses

In order to deliver its courses, Coursera also collaborates with notable universities. Courses from prestigious universities including Stanford, Duke, Yale, and Harvard are all offered on Coursera’s platform. You can apply for a free online course through a partner university or directly through the Coursera website link given below.

Coursera Free Online Courses

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