Study Free in Sweden – Prestigious Scholarships in Sweden for international students

A number of prestigious scholarships in Sweden are offered to international students wishing to pursue their education at various levels. Many of these scholarships are fully funded while others are tuition fee reduction scholarships including full fee waivers.

Prestigious Scholarships in Sweden for international students
Prestigious Scholarships in Sweden for international students

Why study in Sweden

Sweden is a desirable location for overseas students to study because it provides a variety of distinctive benefits. Sweden is renowned for having an excellent educational system. The nation frequently places highly in international education rankings and provides a variety of programs taught in English, guaranteeing that students obtain a top-notch education.

Universities and cutting-edge research facilities that support innovation and research in a wide range of subjects can be found all around Sweden. Additionally, a variety of scholarships and financial aid programs are available for international students from Swedish universities and government organizations. This can considerably lessen the cost of studying abroad.

Prestigious Scholarships in Sweden for international students

Numerous notable scholarships are offered to international students who wish to pursue their academic ambitions in Sweden, a country famous for its world-class education and dedication to international cooperation. The possibilities cover a range of academic areas and degrees of study, from coveted grants from the Swedish Institute to specialized scholarships from prestigious universities. These grants not only provide financial assistance but also demonstrate Sweden’s dedication to fostering the next generation of global leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Following are some of the prestigious scholarships in Sweden for international students:

Fully Funded Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP)

This fellowship is offered for master’s level study in a variety of subjects by the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP). It includes insurance, a subsidy for travel, living expenses, and tuition. It is extremely competitive and only available to students from particular nations. The SI Scholarships are offered every year to students from 41 countries, who applied for a master’s program at a Swedish University. Scholarships are usually available from October to February each year.

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Uppsala University Global Scholarships

Uppsala University offers scholarships to international students who are paying tuition for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The scholarships can pay all or part of the tuition costs.

You can find more details here.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

In collaboration with institutions throughout Europe, these scholarships are made available through combined master’s and doctorate programs. They pay for living expenses, transportation fees, and tuition. The particular program determines the requirements for eligibility and the application process.

European and non-European students can receive scholarships through the Erasmus Mundus Program of the EU to pursue courses at Swedish universities. About 30 programs offered by Erasmus Mundus are sponsored by ten Swedish universities. The scholarship program pays for the living costs, tuition, travel expenses, and insurance for the students admitted into programs approved by Erasmus Mundus.

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Karolinska Institutet Global Master’s Scholarships

Excellent international students wishing to enroll in a master’s degree at Karolinska Institutet are eligible for the Global Master’s Scholarships from the institution. They pay for living costs and tuition.

Details are here.

The Chalmers University of Technology Scholarships for Master Programs

Chalmers University of Technology is located in Gothenburg and conducts research and education in technology and natural sciences. The university has approximately 3100 employees and 10,000 students and offers education in engineering, science, shipping, architecture, and other management areas.

A fantastic source of money is available at Chalmers University of Technology for master’s students who must pay tuition. These are handled in various ways, some by Chalmers and others by outside organizations.

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Lund University Global Scholarship

Lund University draws bright students from all over the world since it is a top 100 university and is in the top 0.4% of universities worldwide. By providing prizes for academic performance, the Lund University Global Scholarship program aims to recognize exceptional students.

Grants from scholarships might pay all or part of the tuition. Awarded for academic distinction, the Lund University Global Scholarship seeks the best students from all nations outside of the EU/EEA. After the admissions application period has ended, students who have submitted a comprehensive application for a degree program are asked to apply for this tuition assistance.

For details and the application process, visit here.

Kristianstad University Scholarships

At the bachelor’s and master’s levels, Kristianstad University provides a variety of scholarships to overseas students. The scholarships may be used to pay for living costs or tuition.

Numerous scholarships are available each year from Kristianstad University to deserving students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland. Citizens of nations outside the EU/EEA will be given the scholarship, but they must pay the tuition for their studies at Kristianstad University. If a scholarship is awarded, the tuition charge will be completely or partially waived. Remember that these awards do not cover your living expenses.

For details, visit here.

Mälardalen University Scholarships

Each year, a small number of scholarships are made available by Mälardalen University to applicants who choose a Master’s degree as their top preference. The full cost of the program’s tuition will be covered by the scholarship. Living expenses are not covered by the scholarship. The next application period for the MDU scholarship will open in mid-October 2023

Mälardalen University Scholarships

Malmo University Scholarships for International Students in Sweden

The availability, qualifying requirements, and application deadlines for these scholarships can change, therefore it’s advised to check the official websites of the relevant universities and scholarship programs for the most recent information. The competition for these scholarships is also fierce, so be sure to read the instructions carefully and adhere to them before submitting your application.

For details, visit here.

Important Note: Most of the above-mentioned scholarships will be available from mid-Oct 2023 for the year 2024.

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