Brunel Medical School International Scholarships for MBBS Candidates, London, England

Brunel Medical School International Scholarships are being offered by Brunel Medical School (BMS) to international students. Only foreign applicants who can afford the application fee may apply for the scholarship program; winners will be chosen on the basis of merit.

Host CountryEngland
Host InstituteBrunel Medical School
Eligible NationalityInternational
Scholarship TypePartially Funded
Closing DateEnd of May 2024
Summary of the Brunel Medical School International Scholarships
Brunel Medical School International Scholarships for MBBS Candidates, London, England
Brunel Medical School International Scholarships for MBBS Candidates, London, England

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Brunel Medical School

Brunel Medical School provides undergraduate and graduate students from the UK and other countries with a five-year Medicine MBBS program. For graduates from the UK and other countries, the Medical School also offers a two-year Physician Associate (PA) MSc program. Expert scientists and physicians who will instruct, encourage, and mentor you are the driving force behind London’s newest medical school.

Benefits of the Brunel Medical School International Scholarships

Subject to good progression, each scholarship has a total value of a 15% fee discount off the annual tuition fee over the course of the five-year program (for instance, the tuition fee will be lowered by 15% in year 1, 15% of the year 2 tuition fee, etc.). The scholarship will not be given out in cash; instead, it will only be subtracted from the yearly tuition.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Apply for admission to the Brunel Medical MBBS program and meet the academic requirements.
  • Receive an offer to enroll in the full-time MBBS program, with classes beginning in September 2024, and have fulfilled the deposit payment due by the end of May 2024.
  • Candidates must fulfill all requirements outlined in their offer before the deadline for registering at Brunel.
  • Must be categorized under UK regulations as an international student who pays fees. In order to determine their fee status, applicants should be aware that Brunel compares the data they submitted on their application form to rules established by the United Kingdom government. Please visit the website of the independent organization UKCISA for further information on this legislation.
  • International scholarships for Brunel Medical School are available to students who must first complete an English language course at the Brunel Language Center (BLC) in order to begin their MBBS program.


  • Applicants with an unresolved fee status or those who are not considered overseas for fee purposes according to UK government laws.
  • Those who are supported by their national governments.
  • Those who plan to not start their course in September 2024.
  • The 15% Graduate Discount is applied to the net tuition charge for Brunel graduates.

Application Procedure

Scholarship candidates who satisfy the eligibility requirements at the time of allocation will only be given consideration based on the information they submitted when applying for the course; if their circumstances change while they are enrolled in school, they will not be given consideration. Scholarships are not retroactive.

The top-ranked interviewees, as decided by the panel of interviewers using pertinent SAP-determined criteria, will receive the scholarships. Selected candidates will receive information about these requirements and desired qualities prior to the interviews.

For more details about Brunel Medical School International Scholarships, visit here.

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