University of Otago Scholarships in New Zealand for All Students

Several University of Otago Scholarships in a range of subject areas are available to both indigenous and foreign students at the University of Otago in New Zealand. With the help of these scholarships, students hope to lessen the financial burden of education while pursuing their academic goals.

Host CountryNew Zealand
Host InstituteUniversity of Otago
Eligible NationalityInternational
Fellowship TypeVarious
BenefitsVary according to scholarship
Closing DateVarious
Summary of the University of Otago Scholarships in New Zealand for All Students

University of Otago Scholarships

Situated in Dunedin, New Zealand, the University of Otago is a distinguished public research institution. Being the oldest institution in New Zealand, it enjoys a solid reputation for research and academic quality. Otago attracted more students from outside its provincial territory due to its vast selection of courses. As a result, the area around the faculty buildings in north Dunedin saw an increase in colleges and unofficial housing. The construction of a residential campus at Otago enhanced the quality of life for undergraduate students.

University of Otago Scholarships in Canada for All Students
University of Otago Scholarships in New Zealand for All Students

University of Otago Scholarships

For students from within and outside of New Zealand, the University of Otago provides a large selection of scholarships. These grants can be used for doctorate, postgraduate, and undergraduate study. Some of these scholarships are given here:

Undergraduate scholarships

The University of Otago provides undergraduate students, both domestic and foreign, with a range of scholarships to help finance their education.

Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students

A NZ$10,000 contribution to the tuition cost for a study that qualifies is offered by the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship for Foreign Students. Every qualified international student who is offered a spot in an eligible program and plans to begin their first year of full-time undergraduate study in 2023 or 2024 at a university in New Zealand will receive this scholarship. All scholarship recipients are assured a placement offer in housing that is owned or linked with the university, including residential colleges and university flats.

University of Otago Entrance Scholarships

A variety of undergraduate entrance scholarships are available from the University of Otago, which honors academic achievement, leadership potential, ethnicity, financial difficulty, disability, and talent in athletics or the arts. Your scholarship may partially or completely pay your living expenses if you want to attend a residential college. You can utilize your scholarship to pay for your second year’s tuition if you had a fee-free first year. Your scholarship will be applied as a credit to your tuition if you are an international student. Annually, applications open on July 1st. While closing dates differ, several end on August 15.

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Postgraduate Scholarships

In order to assist both domestic and foreign students seeking postgraduate education, the University of Otago offers a variety of postgraduate scholarships. These highly competitive scholarships might lessen the financial strain that comes with going to graduate school.

Vice-Chancellor’s International Postgraduate Scholarships

International postgraduate scholarships awarded by the Vice-Chancellor to excellent students from abroad who are starting specific full-time postgraduate programs at the University of Otago are welcomed, encouraged, and acknowledged. These merit-based scholarships are intended to assist overseas students in their academic endeavors and acknowledge academic accomplishment, diversity, and leadership potential. The scholarship amount is $10,000 (New Zealand dollars) for tuition.

University of Otago International Master’s Research Scholarship

International Master’s students studying at the University of Otago can receive financial assistance through the University of Otago International Research Master’s Scholarship. An annual stipend of NZ$17,172 is provided, along with a one-year tuition fee waiver for master’s students, capped at the domestic rate. Scholarships will only cover the cost of the thesis for a maximum of one year of full-time enrollment toward a master’s research degree. Additionally, it only pays for a portion of your tuition.

University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship

Coursework at the University of Otago Funding for coursework-based Master’s students at the University of Otago—aside from those enrolled in the Master of Business Administration—is provided by the Master’s Scholarship. The scholarship value is NZ$10,000 for fees in the initial situation.

Doctoral Scholarships

The University of Otago provides high-achieving students pursuing PhD studies with several doctoral scholarships. These extremely competitive scholarships offer financial support for living expenses, research-related charges, and tuition.

University of Otago Doctoral Scholarships

The primary PhD scholarship, available to both domestic and foreign applicants, is the University of Otago PhD Scholarship. Furthermore, eVision offers a variety of specialized scholarships for which online applications are accepted. Most of these scholarships are valued at $30,696 plus a remission of the tuition price for PhD candidates.

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Pathway Scholarship

Established in 2021, the University of Otago Pathway – Te Huarahi Scholarship aims to motivate individuals to pursue education in order to meet the requirements for university entrance and facilitate their progress toward undergraduate degree programs. If a recipient accepts an offer of a spot in University of Otago-owned or connected housing, the scholarship will often be given in the form of reduced housing costs and/or tuition for the student’s first year of study at the university.

Brenda Shore Award for Women

The Brenda Shore Award for Women offers outstanding financial support to female postgraduate students in the natural sciences every year. Graduates in natural sciences are given preference, however, candidates from other fields will also be taken into account. Candidates must be pursuing a master’s degree or a doctorate. All candidates must be citizens or lawful permanent residents of New Zealand. Scholarship offers up to $15,000 for one year.

Fully Funded Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships

Eligible nationals of developing nations can study abroad at any New Zealand university or education institution, including the University of Otago, with full scholarships provided by the New Zealand government. For qualified international students, these include full tertiary scholarships for full-time undergraduate and graduate study at a New Zealand university. Full scholarships pay for expenses including tuition, round-trip travel, insurance, bare-bones living expenses, and more. For qualified international students, these include full tertiary scholarships for full-time undergraduate and graduate study at a New Zealand university.

Manaaki New Zealand

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How to Apply for University of Otago Scholarships

To apply for University of Otago Scholarships, follow the steps given below:

1. Find Out the Available Scholarship

Go to the scholarships part of the University of Otago’s official website first. Information regarding various scholarships for graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate study can be found there. Specific eligibility conditions and application procedures will apply to each scholarship.

2. Verify Eligibility: 

Make sure you meet the requirements by carefully reading each scholarship’s eligibility conditions. Certain scholarships are awarded based on certain programs, financial needs, academic achievement, or other standards.

3. Prepare Your Application Materials:

Depending on the scholarship, you could be required to submit materials like your academic records, recommendation letters, resume, and evidence of your accomplishments in extracurricular activities, athletics, or the classroom.

4. Online Form Submission:

The majority of University of Otago scholarships need an online application. Register on the scholarship application portal of the university and fill out the online application. Make sure the information you supply is accurate and comprehensive.

5. Submit Required Documents:

Include all required documentation with your online application. Make sure you send in all necessary materials by the application date.

6. Provide Reference:

Make sure, if necessary, that your referees—teachers, professors, employers, etc.—send the university their reference letters by the deadline. This is an important step in the scholarship application process for many.

7. Submit the Application: 

Before submitting, carefully review your application. Submit your application before the deadline as soon as you are certain that all the information is true and comprehensive.

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