Fully Funded European Commission Traineeships without IELTS – Blue Book Traineeship Program

The European Commission Traineeships (Blue Book Traineeship Program) is open to all qualified candidates, regardless of their citizenship, sex, race, color, ethnic origin, or social status; their religious or philosophical beliefs; their membership in a national minority; their age; or their sexual orientation. On this website, you may learn more about equal chances.

Work LocationAll over the European Commission
Required Study LevelUniversity graduates
Eligible NationalityAll EU citizens and non-EU nationals
Age LimitNo limit
Duration5 Months
Opening dateJanuary/July
Closing DatesFebruary/August
Summary of Fully Funded European Commission Traineeships without IELTS- Blue Book Traineeship Program
Fully Funded European Commission Traineeships without IELTS- Blue Book Traineeship Program
Fully Funded European Commission Traineeships without IELTS- Blue Book Traineeship Program

The training program provided by the European Commission is referred to as the Blue Book traineeship program. European Commission is the executive branch of the European Union (EU), which is charged with drafting laws, carrying out judgments, and overseeing EU policies.

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European Commission Traineeships

Administrative Traineeship with the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) or Translation Traineeship are the two forms of traineeship suggested by the European Commission.

The European Commission, its services, and agencies employ trainees everywhere, primarily in Brussels but also in Luxembourg and other parts of the European Union.

Benefits of the Blue Book Traineeship Program:

Blue Book trainees are provided with a monthly stipend to help with living costs. They can also take advantage of networking opportunities, workshops, and training sessions. The European Commission is based in Brussels, thus trainees may also be eligible for travel expense reimbursement for their trips there and back.

Future Employment Prospects:

For recent graduates interested in working in EU affairs, the Blue Book traineeship program is a useful first step. A large number of past trainees have gone on to gain jobs with EU institutions or other international organizations.

Blue Book Traineeship Program Eligibility

The Blue Book Traineeship Program is open to all EU nationals, regardless of age, subject to eligibility requirements. Non-EU nationals are also given a certain number of spots.

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Open to recent graduates from universities who:

  • having earned a degree in higher education that typically takes three years to finish (minimum EQF 6 level), which is equivalent to a Bachelor’s cycle. You won’t be qualified to apply unless you have a certificate or official statement from your university attesting to the existence of such a degree. The following papers must be submitted:
    • diplomas or certificates with clearly visible final grades
    • and evidence of a minimum EQF 6 level.
  • have no prior job experience of any type that dates back more than six weeks in any EU institution, body, agency, delegation, with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), or with Advocates General at the European Court of Justice (EUCJ).
  • possess a strong command of multiple languages:
    • For the administrative traineeship, you must have a very strong command of two EU official languages, one of which must be a working language. These languages must be English, French, or German at the C1 or C2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and a second language must be at the B2 level or higher. One procedural language at the C1 or C2 level is all that is required of non-EU nationals.
    • You must be able to translate into your main/target language, which is typically your mother tongue, from two additional official EU languages (referred to as “source languages”*), in order to be eligible for the translation traineeship at the Directorate-General for Translation (DGT).
    • one of the official languages of the EU must be your primary or target language.
    • A functioning language of the EU must be your first source language for translation: German, French, or English
    • Any of the official EU languages with at least B2-level proficiency may serve as your second language source.

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Documents Required

The following documents should be provided along with the Blue Book Traineeship Program application, each preceded by a table of contents outlining the order in which each document is listed in the PDF, point by point:

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  1. A copy of a current passport or ID card showing the applicant’s nationality as stated on the application.
  2. Copies of all academic certificates are included on the application form, as well as transcripts from the relevant institution (i.e., a record of the courses taken each year).
  3. Copies of any qualifications or licenses attained that were mentioned in the application form, if relevant (for example, IT certifications, TOGAF, ITIL, bar examinations, CPA, CFA, etc.). The certificate must expressly declare that the holder has passed the test in order for it to be considered. Participation certificates are not taken into account, and merely attending the course is insufficient.
  4. Copies of all documents supporting any claimed declared work experience in the applicant’s home country, as stated in the application form, if relevant. This may include:
    • Letters of recommendation from employers must be headed, officially signed, stamped, and dated while also making it clear how long they were employed.
    • Contracts that distinctly specify the duration of the work
    • Paystubs that clearly detail the time worked (please provide the most recent and initial paystub)
    • Tax declarations are accepted for independent contractors as well, as long as they are valid for the relevant time period and properly identify the employer.
    • invoices as long as they are specific about the time period in question and explicitly state the employer.
  5. Copies of all supporting documentation for any international experience listed on the application form, if any. Work experience could consist of:
    • Letters of recommendation from employers that must be headed, legally signed, and dated, as well as clearly stating the time period of employment
    • Contracts that distinctly specify the duration of the work
    • Pay slips with a clear indication of the time worked (please provide the first and last pay stubs).
  6. Mobility abroad experience could include:
    • Copies of international degrees
    • Awarded Erasmus certificates
    • Certificates from exchange courses for students
    • Awards for volunteer work
    • Paystubs with a clear indication of the time worked (please include the most recent and initial paystub).
  7. Copies of the language proficiency documentation listed on the application form. One of the following methods can be used to demonstrate linguistic proficiency:
    • Certificates for language instruction that clearly state the degree of knowledge attained and are issued by:
      • Language centers like the Instituto Cervantes, Alliance Française, Goethe Institut, etc.,
      • as well as state-recognized language schools that offer certified attestations and clearly relate to CERF, can all issue certificates of language courses with clear indicators of the degree of knowledge attained.
    • Proof of the immediately lower level may be provided by a higher-level certificate of attendance. An illustration of this is the acceptance of a C1-level attendance certificate as evidence of a B2 level.
    • University course: BA or MA program at a university that is entirely or primarily taught in the language declared:
      • The C2 level can be stated as a degree that is entirely taught in the declared language.
      • A C1 level may be stated for a degree that is partially taught in the declared language, meaning that it accounts for at least half of the credits required to get the degree (this must be evident from the transcripts: the instruction must be provided and the exams must be taken and passed in the said language).
    • A C1 level may be declared using secondary bilingual education certificates from European Schools, international lycées, etc.
    • A C2 level refers to secondary education that is totally completed in a particular language.

*You are allowed to list any form of employment history, including seasonal, student, and part-time employment.

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Blue Book Traineeship Program Application Deadlines

Twice a year, the Commission awards paid five-month European Commission Traineeships.
Registration begins in February for traineeships starting in October. Registration for traineeships starting in March opens in July or August of the preceding year.

European Commission Traineeships Application Procedure

The Commission offers five-month paid European Commission Traineeships twice a year. Three steps make up the Blue Book Traineeship Program application process:

  1. Create an EU Login account or use an already existing one to log in. (EU Login)
  2. Complete the application form and send it together with your supporting documentation. To access the application form, log into your candidate account, click Send an application, then select the traineeship type.
  3. After submitting your application, you must wait for the outcome of its review. The outcomes will be sent to you through email. If accepted, you will be given the opportunity to apply for open traineeship positions. Apply for as many as three trainee positions in VBB.
    • You will be given information on how to access the Virtual Blue Book portal, where numerous traineeship positions are proposed by Commission services and agencies. The number of posts being offered corresponds to the number of trainees in each session.
    • Once the maximum number of applicants has been met or after one week, post opportunities will no longer be visible.

* Do not wait until the last few days to apply for the Blue Book Traineeship Program, please.

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